Colombia liaison office at EUROPOL in The Hague is linked to global security initiatives

La Haya, Embajada de Colombia en Países Bajos


With the law 1582 of 2012 coming into force through which the "Agreement on Operational and Strategic Cooperation between the Republic of Colombia and the European Police Office ", the Embassy of Colombia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands through the National Police is Accomplishing the agreement signed, in which the police institution has developed important initiatives regarding the security coordination with leadership from Europe and Latin America , being the only country with an agreement of this range and with a seat in this important cooperation mechanism based in The Hague.
As such, the 26 and 27 of November, the Liaison Office of Colombia to EUROPOL , was linked to an operational initiative, in collaboration with airline and credit cards industries, to develop concerted action against online fraud . The operation was deployed through three focal points in The Hague, INTERPOL in Singapore and AMERIPOL in Bogotá, the latter being linked and coordinated region since the Liaison Office of Colombia. This operation has linked in more than 80 airports around the world, more than 60 airlines and 45 countries.
The initiative was directed against suspected criminals to make fraudulent purchases of airline tickets with false data cards or stolen credit, in which the airlines have lost over a million dollars and innocent citizens have been deceived or manipulated under this modality. During the operation more than 281 suspicious transactions were recorder and 118 people were arrested. In addition to the successful operation result, another positive result is the creation of a global alliance of airlines and law enforcement agencies, who will work together continuously to combat fraud and online crime.
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