Challenges of the colombian dairy sector

Challenges of the colombian dairy sector


Colombia is the fourth largest milk producer in Latin America after Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The Colombian National Government policy for this sector is focused on improving competitiveness by developing strategies and tools.  This policy will  reduce production costs and increase productivity in order to deepen and diversify domestic and foreign markets.

Considering the above, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, carried out a study of the sector in our country in order to identify opportunities for collaboration as well as to transfer knowledge and technology to the Colombian dairy sector.

One of the greatest opportunities that emerges in the report is the enormous scale potential, as would be obtained by the improved pasture management in the milk production.
The economic growth and a growing middle class will also entail higher demand for dairy products of good quality. To meet this demand, the Colombian dairy sector has to undergo a modernization process. This provides opportunities for Dutch companies.

Given the importance of the event for our country and for this sector, a delegation of the Embassy of Colombia in the Kingdom of the Netherlands was present.

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