Colombia: committed to green growth

Colombia: committed to green growth


In its April issue, the Dutch magazine "Globe Evofenedex" dedicated a space to highlight not only the economic stability of Colombia, but also the "green growth" policies that the country is adopting to leave behind decades of conflict and give way to prosperity.

Due to the current economic growth and development of Colombia, the country decided to act towards environmental protection by implementing sustainable development objectives and a green growth model in order to improve the economic, social and ecological sector.

The magazine also highlights the current relations between the Netherlands and Colombia and how it has been strengthen during the last five years, especially in the water, logistics, renewable energy and agriculture sectors, positioning itself as the fourth largest investor within the Colombian market.

For more information: Magazine voor international Ondernemen Globe van EvoFenedex ISSN: 2352-5843. 2017 April Edition. 419 Issue. Pages 42-43

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