Visit to Wageningen University

Visit to Wageningen University


On 6 April 2017, the Counsellor of the Embassy of Colombia to the Netherlands, Fady Ortiz Roca, visited Wageningen University located in the also known "Food Valley" region. Several multinationals in the food sector and important research institutions are concentrated in this area. The Wageningen University occupies the first place in the European Ranking and the second in the world rankings by area, in Agriculture and International Forestry.

During the visit, a meeting was held with the Director for Latin America and Caribbean Cooperation, HJ Ria Hulsman, in order to follow up in the bilateral academic agenda between the Netherlands and Colombia, as well as to present the informal meeting among Colombian students in the Netherlands to be held in June 2017.

A balance of the cooperation advances at Wageningen University with several institutions of our country such as the Presidential International Cooperation Agency (APC), the National University of Colombia, the Antioquia University, the Amazon Institute of Scientific Research (SINCHI), the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Cali (CIAT), the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and Cenicafé were discussed with Professor Hulsman.

It is important to also highlight that after the "Integral Rural Reform: Challenges for Peacebuilding" symposium on 17 February 2017 held in Bogota, the Wageningen University dean, Professor Dr. Arthur (AP J) Mol, along with the National University of Colombia dean, Professor Dr. Ignacio Mantilla Prada, signed a cooperation agreement for academic exchange programs in the research and teaching areas. This has also been a space in which they started to work on integral rural development issues, understanding in this sense the production and social aspect as a way to obtain products from communities themselves, fundamental axis of the Colombian Peace Agreement.

Similarly, Wageningen University has been advising the Colombian agricultural sector through the following projects: "Intelligent Water Management - Hands to Water", addressed to the coffee sector; "Colombian-Dutch Dairy Business Development ", addressed to the dairy capacity and DairyCaB business in the Antioquia Department; and the search of alternatives to improve the greenhouses efficiency and increase the flowers production per square meter in the Bogota Savanna.

During the meeting, new potential cooperation opportunities between Wageningen University and Colombian institutions in the Orinoquia and Caribbean regions were explored.

Forty three Colombian students - 23 in the doctoral level and 20 in the master’s level – enrolled at Wageningen University between 2016 and 2017.


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