Four colombian bands among the best in the "World Music Contest" in the Netherlands

Four colombian bands among the best in the "World Music Contest"
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The Embassy of Colombia to the Netherlands congratulates the four Colombian bands that participated on July 2017 in the “World Music Contest” (WMC) in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Among the winners in the third division of the “Harmony” category were the “Obra Salesiana del Niño Jesús” and Cajicá Symphonic Orchestra with a score of 96.83 and 90.17 points respectively. In the same category but second division, the Tocancipá Symphonic Orchestra also stood out with a score of 92.33 points. The fourth band that participated in the first division of the “Marching Parade” category was the “Banda Musical Femenina de Marcha Colegio Clemencia Caicedo”, who received the bronze medal with a score of 64.08.

After years of rehearsal, the symphonic orchestra bands surprised the jury with a score higher than 90, which allowed them to obtain a gold medal with distinction in their respective categories. Once again, Colombia stands out with these four bands in a world contest with their talent and promoting our culture abroad.

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