Colombia participó en el Consejo Ejecutivo de la Organización para la Prohibición de las Armas Químicas

Colombia in the OPCW Executive Council - april 2018


In its capacity as Member of the Organization for The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – OPCW - Executive Council, Colombia participated in the 58th and 59th sessions, which took place on 16 and 18 of April 2018, respectively.

In the 58th session, the Executive Council studied the situation in the Arabic Republic of Syria after the alleged chemical weapon attacks on 7 April 2018. In addition, the OPCW Technical Secretariat officially informed Member States about the deployment of a Verification Mission to the place of the event.

In the 59th session, the OPCW Technical Secretariat informed the Executive Council about the results of the technical assistance requested by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland regarding the Salisbury incident on 4 March 2018.

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