Embassy of Colombia promotes shared service centers in our country


Bogotá, DC December 9th. (PROCOLOMBIA) Large international firms attracted by the country's economic growth and the quality and talent of its professionals, have established Shared Service Centers, which allow to centralize the company´s administrative and strategic operations.

The concept of Shared Service Centers –SSC- seeks to centralize the common activities of the different companies that make are part of an economic group, such as accounting, treasury, legal services, human resources group, among others. In this way, organizations can monitor, manage and supervise these processes more quickly.

Companies from the industrial, insurance, banking and financial sectors, have evaluated and selected Colombia to develop their operation centers for the Americas,  through support services in Spanish and English as a second language, mainly.

In accordance with María Claudia Lacouture, president of PROCOLOMBIA, “the investors from these sectors are attracted by the high level of Colombian professionals, the service-oriented attitude, as well as the incentives that the government has, besides the economic growth and legal and political stability of Colombia”.

The organization led by Lacouture, advises and accompanies assembly processes of the Shared Service Centers in the country, in a sector which although not new in the world, is especially relevant today in Colombia, which is why PROCOLOMBIA actively promotes the arrival of foreigners to regions such as Bogotá, Antioquia, the Atlantic Coast, Santander, Valle and the coffee region, among others.

The result of the actions of PROCOLOMBIA, allowed the recent entry of US $25 million in 3 investment projects in the sector during 2013-2014, which estimate the generation of more than 1,200 jobs in the country.

During this year, and for the third consecutive time, Gartner ranked Colombia as one of the 30 leafing countries in the development of offshore operations. Highlighting advantages such as the quality and education of local professionals, the support from the government, competitive costs, access to different markets, thanks to the double taxation agreements that the country has, time location, among others.

Advantages and benefits of a SSC.

In accordance with PWC, among the benefits of the installation of a Shared Service Center, are the increased productivity, reduced structural costs, the standardization and unification of processes, improvement in costumer services and generating of economies of scale.

In the case of Colombia, added to the aforementioned benefits, the country offers advantages that make it a differentiated and strategic destination that projects it to the region, for the arrival and implementation of SSC. It is highlighted the incentives for the VAT exemption for the services provides in Colombia and consumed outside Colombia, as well as a competitive human capital, among others.

According to the Ministry of Education of Colombia, in the last 10 years the number of graduates in fields related to business (Administration, Accounting and Economics) is approximately 692,700, and the number of engineers (Electronics, Computers, Electrical and Industrial) is about of 295,600, professions highly demanded by Shared Service Centers.

Additionally, Colombia has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, which makes it an ideal place to centralize operations for the rest of Latin America, besides, by government policies, the government currently promotes bilingualism and domain of a second language such as English and Portuguese.

Another advantage of the country, is having an infrastructure of relevant data services, capable of supporting all kinds of operations related to software and IT services of the sector, including the analysis of the information generated.

Finally, it is highlighted the fact of having an strategic location, with easy access to markets worldwide with more than 800 international direct flights per week, over 4.500 domestic flights per week, and a connectivity of less than 6 hours to the main capitals of Latin American.

For more information about investment opportunities in Colombia and is regions for establishing an operation of Shared Service Centers, visit http://investincolombia.com.co/contact-us.html and contact PROCOLOMBIA to support your investment process in Colombia.


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