Trade and Economic Affairs


The consolidation of the Foreign Ministry’s active policy on economic affairs, as part of the positive agenda, is furthered by the activities carried out by the Embassy of Colombia to the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Currently, trade relations are developing under an economic collaboration perspective that is mutually beneficial to both countries, guided by notions of sustainability and inclusive growth within a mid-to-long-term timeframe.

Likewise, new relations in the making are related to trade and investment promotion in areas that contribute to economic growth and unemployment reduction.

The Embassy focuses its efforts on organizing exchange missions relating to those topics that are relevant for our country in light of their high social or development impact, and, at the same time, are areas where The Netherlands has broad experience.

  • Integrated Water Management: Cooperation through public-private sector partnerships. Support and consulting on safe water management.
  • Port infrastructure, management and logistics. Value Proposition: Support and consulting for supply, transportation and flow of goods chains.
  • Productive chains for processing and making efficient use of biomass, as well as the development of new business opportunities in the field of waste and organic by-products.
  • Management of solid waste.

Finally, the Embassy also works jointly with Proexport, the representative office of the Colombian agency responsible for promoting international tourism, foreign investment and non-traditional exports (whose London office covers The Netherlands). Thus, specifically, the Embassy replies to inquiries it receives with regard to our country’s and/or The Netherlands’ commercial matters, while also doing matchmaking and establishing contacts between the public and private sectors of both countries.

Relevant organizations – English websites:

Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (Colombia)

Proexport Colombia

CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries)

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Holland House (Spanish version – Dutch version also available. Colombian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce)


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